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Elizabeth Burry Design

In 2003 Elizabeth discovered her love of jewelry design & began the journey to becoming an accomplished self-taught designer. Having enjoyed years of painting during a nursing career, Elizabeth became a full-time artist in 2005 opening an artistic boutique in St. John's where she became well known internationally, and a sought after painter and jewelry designer. 

“I love to wear jewelry, however, I found there was huge void between nickel laced costume jewelry that didn't last more than a few wears & expensive precious metals and gemstone jewelry. Like myself, I want my customers to feel good in hand crafted, high quality, small batch, timeless jewelry. Since 2003, I have proudly and passionately designed a collection that would stand the test of time, used quality hypoallergic .925 sterling silver and of course, was designed and made by hand.” 

In 2010 Elizabeth sold her very successful boutique and moved to Trinity where she built a studio in a quaint cove, concentrating solely on her creative endeavors. She now balances her time between making jewelry, creating fine art, volunteering in her community & enjoying all the blessings rural Newfoundland has to offer. 

Elizabeth's jewelry is designed from concept to completion in her studio nestled in the cove. Elizabeth and her team craft every piece by hand, sometimes combining the components with semi-precious stones, pearls, sea glass and various other materials sourced from every corner of the world.

Lest it be said, they are made with love and care.


On a final, yet important to us note, to reduce over production and ensure zero waste, our jewelry is made in small batches. We use 100% recycled silver whenever possible to minimize our footprint. Precious metals can be recycled many times without degrading the integrity or beauty of the jewelry. And finally, we do our very best to ensure our suppliers are ethical and employ fair trade practices.




"I believe jewelry is wearable art. My goal is that my creations help you feel special and reflect your unique personality."

I hope you enjoy what we’ve loved to create for you.