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About Sterling Silver: 

Not all sterling silver is created equally.

True Sterling silver should be made with 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper. 100% pure silver is soft so the copper is needed to make the silver hard enough for jewelry hence the .925% grade rating. Lower grades of sterling silver are made with nickel which many people are allergic and can irritate the skin and cause rash or other lesions. 

Care of your sterling silver Jewelry:

A normal attribute of .925 Sterling Silver is that is it can tarnish as a result of  oxidization. You can minimize this oxidization by wearing your jewelry often however be sure not to spray perfume, hair spray or have it come in contact with body lotions, hair products and cooking grease which can damage your jewelry. Never wear your jewelry in swimming pools or hot tubs as the chemicals will damage your jewelry. When you are not wearing your jewelry placing it in a soft pouch or zip lock bag will reduce the oxidization. 

Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

The best way to care for your sterling silver jewelry is with a polishing cloth designed for jewelry is good for a light cleaning. If you need a heavier cleaning regular toothpaste can do the trick or a jewelry cleaning paste works great, just be sure not to use it on pearls as it may scratch. Rinse well in warm water to remove the toothpaste or cleaning paste, then pat dry.

All our sterling sterling is  true .925  containing no nickel or other alloys therefore hypoallergic


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