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"sourced from nature, crafted by hand, defined as art"
"sourced from nature, crafted by hand, defined as art"



Of course we have to give our own Provincial stone in it's very own collection.
Labradorite is the star of each design whether rough or finely polished, faceted or beveled. We choose only the finest cuts that display "labradoressence" & color.  Although many of our designs contain the Labradorite stone, this collection features pieces that are only available in our lovely Labradorite & because of its unique attributes no 2 pieces of this fascinating stone are alike.
  • MABERLY EARRINGS - Elizabeth Burry Design
    Sold out
    Elizabeth Burry Design



    SOLD OUT We've combined the love of a 8 mm round Labradorite stud in our signature brushed .925 sterling silver setting, with just a little drop of...

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